Case Studies

AV Recording Studios Solution was an audio visual suite put together for our client, so that they could observe customer interaction with different technologies.

Environmental Monitoring Solution is an open source solution to monitoring temperatures within datacentres and alerting via email/SMS when temperatures reach high or low. An impressive feature of our device is the integration of CCTV features.

What we do

Our services include:

Environmental Monitoring & Other Solutions

As well as Audio Visual & IT, Media Maintenance Company provides other services particularly those in relation to Environmental Monitoring and Building Management Systems. These services & solutions are used widely by large and small businesses.
Environmental Monitoring
Our monitoring solutions are used to monitor temperatures within conditioned environments such as data centres. Using a range of sensors, relays, dry contact, RJ11 devices and monitoring devices we can provide a solution that can monitor a rooms temperature or power consumption, its access points, water leaks or specific equipment. Our solutions include DVR & Surveilance.
BMS Support & Engineering
Intellgent controllers are used within building managments systems, these can be used to automate heating, ventilation & ventilation systems, leak detects and alert systems. Our service supports both our own bms device installations and those manufactured by Trend Control Systems.

Our Environmental & BMS Control Systems Services

Since the birth of Media Maintenance Company, control systems & solutions have equally been as big a part as any other service. Intially concentrating on supporting Building Managment Control Systems manufactured by Trend Control Systems, we indentified the need for monitoring environments where large amounts of equipment required temperature control such as in data centres and providing an alerting systems for temperature, power outages or water leaks.

Over the years our systems have prevented many incidents by alerting personnel & security guards to incidents & potential disasters. Recently we have started introducing our own range of devices, each device operates individually and once connected to the network can be access like a website as well as send alerts via email, SMS or even telephone. Our installation & support service means that we will setup, create floorplans and support youre devices with out own team of experienced and qualified engineers.

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